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This Month Special Offer

Special Offers for Special Persons like you

1 Year Gold Membership

get $100 OFF + 1 WK FREE.

That's not all - Don't pay the admin!

*must include 1 year membership

*cannot be combined with any other offer

* $50 Key Fob Fee applies. This is 100% refundable; return your key fob at the end of your membership and we'll give you back $50.

Bronze Plan

After Hours

Access to gym equipment only
during unstaffed hours
(including holidays).

No drop-in classes

No pool access

*$50 joining fee will apply. There are no additional charges for a key fob

*Please make your 1st visit during staffed hours to pick up your key fob and for orientation

*Initial payment is $19.90 (1st and last month).

Gold Plan

For 2 Person

24/7 access to gym equipment

Unlimited drop-in classes

Access pool/whirlpool/sauna
during staffed hours

*Both members must be living at the same address

*must be under the same payment plan

*Require Valid photo ID and Address Proof

*Members must be 16 years or older

*Initial payment is $138 (1st and last month).

*$50 Key Fob Fee applies for each person. 100% refundable.

*simply return your key fobs at the end of your membership and we'll give you back $50 each.

Offers expire March 31, 2018 - Donít miss out - JOIN TODAY!
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