Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Treatment

About Treatment

Physiotherapists work with pain management and rehabilitation from either an acute injury like a sprained ankle, or management of chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart disease.

A physiotherapist also provides education and advice for health promotion, disease and injury prevention.

Our physiotherapy programs are a combination of non-invasive, drugless approaches, and are delivered in different options, such as:

Pain Reduction

  • Using pain Physical Therapy modalities, such as Electrotherapy, Thermal-therapy, Ultrasound and Hydrotherapy to reduce pain.

Inflammation Reduction and Pain Trigger Elimination

  • Homeopathic supplements for pain management, as well as education on a proper anti-inflammatory diet to eliminate pain triggers. Joint mobilization, Soft Tissue Therapy and exercise will also be added in this phase.

Maintenance and Promoting Wellness

  • Passive components of treatment are gradually reduced as active participation of patient is encouraged. Specific and general exercises along with aerobic conditioning are of emphasis in this phase.

Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Treatment

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