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Women go through a number of issues and challenges in their daily lives. The modern woman tries to handle both the office and home together which often results into certain body aches and pains. Pelvic pain is one of the most common issues that most of the women face in their daily life. Most often, it is caused by pregnancy, but that's not the case every time. The pelvic floor muscles can be weakened by surgeries and heavy lifting. Constipation, menopause and being overweight can also be the reasons for the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles. As pelvic floor muscles get weak, it can affect bladder and bowel control, which might result in leakage. Pelvic floor physiotherapy is a specialized form of physical therapy which is widely considered to treat the problem.

Fitness Plus Canada is a physio and rehab clinic in Canada which provides effective Pelvic floor physiotherapy by trained practitioners. The therapy helps provide relief from chronic pelvic pain and urinary symptoms that women have suffered from for years. We have well trained Physiotherapists who will do a proper assessment of your problem, and then develop an individual treatment plan which will include different exercise programs and pelvic muscle retraining, to help you ease the constant pelvic pain. For an appointment with our physiotherapist, call us at 905-997-3027 or 647-239-3248.

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