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A concussion is a brain injury caused by a violent blow to the head or a fierce shaking of the head. It can happen to anyone at any time during their lives resulting in temporary functional changes such as loss of concentration, memory and disruptions in the thought processes. In some cases, it does not even require a direct blow to the head. Concussion symptoms may persist even after a week and may persist for a year in children.

Every patientís symptoms are unique and for that reason there is no hard and fast way to cure them. At Fitness Plus Canada, our team of caring professionals analyzes the individual symptoms and prepares a personalized treatment plan in order to provide relief. Depending on how severe the concussion, we follow the best treatment plan for concussion rehabilitation which includes Manual therapy, Balance retraining, Visual rehabilitation, Exercise therapy and Vertigo treatment. As one of the best physiotherapy and rehab clinics in Canada and the recipient of the Patientís Choice Award in 2015, we can promise you first-class treatment in a facility equipped with all the modern technologies. To book an appointment call us at 905-997-3027 or 647-239-3248.

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