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  •   24/7 Ladies Only Gym
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  •   Since 1970

After Hours Membership

Are you an early bird or a night owl ? This membership is just for you ! Come in and work out in a ladies only gym at a great price.

Access to gym equipment
ONLY during unstaffed hours (including holidays).

No drop-in classes.
No pool access.

(12 Month Contract)

Use the Gym Equipment During :

Sun 3pm - Mon 8am
Mon 9pm - Tue 8am
Tue 9pm - Wed 8am
Wed 9pm - Thu 8am
Thu 9pm - Fri 8am
Fri 8pm - Sat 8am
Sat 5pm - Sun 10am (Sat 3pm - Sun 10am on long weekends)
24/7 on holidays

* A $50 joining fee will apply.
* There are no additional charges for a key fob.
* The initial payment is $19.90 (1st and last month).
* Prices do not reflect HST.

Call us : (905) 457-5211

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